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Upcoming improvements

We are working to further improve the use of our program for teachers; enabling the integration of vocabulary at your choice for an entire class, checking the performance of your students with a single click, the time they invested, their current level, the improvement in a given period of time, etc.

These improvements will be available soon for the Premium versions.



This program is recommended for children age 8 and up.

We recommend its use for a maximum of two 10 minute - sessions per day. You will first learn the basic vocabulary included by default. Afterwards, we recommend working with the words that each student spells incorrectly in his or her written work to customize the program to each child.

Related materials

The complete Gabarro method includes a physical workbook which is complemented by the online tool. There are also free support materials for teachers; a video, a didactic guide, a handbook and a workbook. You can find them at Boira Editorial.

The Tábara accentuation method can be followed online (recommended system) or using a paper workbook.

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