Improve your spelling

EduDigital offers innovative Web programs to improve grammar and spelling. There are 2 programs at present:

The Gabarró method for improving spelling through the use of the visual memory, available in several languages.

The Tábara accentuation method, an innovative and simple method for the correct accentuation in Castilian Spanish.

The Gabarró Visual Spelling Method

  • Improves spelling by using the visual memory
  • Customizes your study vocabulary
  • Reduces errors by up to 80%

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Tábara Accentuation Method

This program offers a new methodology to learn how to accent in Spanish in a fast and easy manner.

Thanks to this new methodology, you will learn how to accentuate without having to know previously the diphthongs, hiatus, triphthongs, etc. Accentuation will become something easy to learn at any age.

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